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Revival Diary

I was called by the will of God for Revival.

February 11, 2005

I am walking and talking with my Lord, Savior and Friend. He asked me why do you want to serve me? I thought about His question. Then my world broke apart around me as I saw who I am. I saw my utter sin, my utter defilement, and my utter helplessness to do right. I said, Lord, without your mercy and grace I can do nothing and would be lost forever. There would be no hope for me. The flesh would turn to flesh in utter wickedness. There is no hope apart from You. I see my utter state of depravity. There is no good in my flesh and my heart is utterly wicked with pride, selfishness, lust, disobedience, lovelessness, unforgiveness, covetness, strive, envy, and without natural affection. What hope is there for a man like me? Only you Lord Jesus have loved me, taken me and washed me in a pool of blood drawn from your veins. You justified me and sanctified me through the “New Birth”. You saved me. You loved me. Thank you Lord. He walked over to the table where I had made a covenant. Will you leave everything to follow Me, He asked? Matthew 19:27. Then He said; “Lead my people in Revival.”

Feb. 20, 2005

I am walking with my Savior. I can’t help falling at His feet time and again. I can’t stop to thank him and to worship Him. He asks me what I would expect from a Revival and what is my part in it? Lord, I am not important. No one has to know me. It is You who will bring Revival by Your Grace and through Your mighty power. Let me be the first to be broken.

April 8, 2005

I am walking and talking with my Lord. He said:

“I am calling you to fulltime ministry in teaching and preaching in Revival. The Spirit of the Lord will come mightily upon you! The Lord will guide you. You will be turned into another man.” (1 Samuel 10: 6, 7). God gave me another heart. (1 Samuel 10: 9). I complained: Lord, this was a promise to King Saul.  I don't want to fail you.  Subsequently the Lord said: He won’t remove His Spirit from me. (2 Sam.7: 15.)

Feb. 25, 2008

“I am walking and talking with my Lord. I feel very close to Him and He is near me and in me. The Lord asks me not to worry about Revival. Everything is on schedule says the Lord. “ I am preparing the hearts of men and women around the USA and Canada. Subsequent Promises: There will be Revival, you will see revival before you die.