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Personal Revival

When starting to pray for Revival I must start with myself. I ask God to show me where I must change. I then need to repent. Revival is not for the unsaved, it is for Christians. Revival has to do with me and my relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. Personal Revival is evidenced by the following:

  • Confession of every known sin to God. Turning from sin through Jesus. Repentance.
  • Forgiving those that have hurt me, regardless of how terrible. It starts with family members.
  • Seeking forgiveness from those I have hurt. Again, it starts with family members, then church members, then people at work and so on.
  • Making amends and restitution, where possible for any wrong done to God and men. Part of this are: admitting wrongs, repaying and repairing where possible.
  • Surrendering fully to God and removing every doubtful habit. It includes : re-directing my plans , goals and purpose in life; re-directing my first love to God and His Son Jesus; re-directing my resources: a.) time. b.) priorities c.) finances.
  • Obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word promptly.
  • Going public with my witness.

We are unable to do this through our own strength. It involves surrender to the Son of God. He says: “Without Me ye can do nothing.” This is why we must seek God in prayer and His help.

“--Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord --“. Zech.4:6