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Brother Edgar is a sinner saved by grace, by the mercies of God. Edgar Reich has been called by Will of God to preach and teach in Revival. 

He became an ordained Reverend under the leadership of Rev. R. L. Curry starting in July 2008.  He was ordained in 2011.  His speaking experience spans 35 years.  He holds business degrees via the University of Toronto, Canada and Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Canada.  He taught at the University of Toronto.

He is a devoted Christian teacher.

He held senior management positions at a Fortune 500 Company in Canada, Germany and Switzerland. He has led a $400 Million Company in Germany and was jointly responsible for a $900 Million European Company. Edgar Reich has been called by God and his Church to preach in Revival.

He has spoken in Revival in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Toronto, Fredericton, Moncton, Barbados, Jerusalem, Kenya and Tanzania.

Brother Edgar is a Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Here is his Testimony:

In April 2004, I was half awake in my bed in the morning. All of a sudden I saw myself in an open grave. The earth around me was dug out in a rectangular shape ready for a casket. I was lying on the bottom of the grave six feet down. Above me was an early evening sky interrupted by dark leaves of a tree nearby. A cool wind had settled over the grave and I felt a chill, a freezing touch of eternity. The leaves were rustling. Darkness started to fall. I tried to move to get out of the grave but could not move. My whole body was bound up with sins. The sins were heavy and the ropes tight. I could hardly breathe. I started to call for help but because my chest was bound tightly with ropes and I was loaded down with sin, I could hardly speak. I could feel my flesh starting to turn to dust on my sides. Worms and bugs started to feed on me. I realized at that moment that if I died I would be going to hell. It was never clearer to me than at that time point that there was no hope for me. I would be in hell for eternity. I started to call for help again, but it was merely a whisper. I remembered from my church attendances that Jesus Christ was the way to peace with God. He had said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” I changed my call for help to call for the Son of God. Would He still have mercy on me? Would He come? Would He help me? Was it too late? My voice was so weak. My breath was so small. The ropes of sin around my body cut deep into my flesh. I couldn’t get air.

I whispered His name, the only name under heaven that can save us. I whispered “Jesus, Son of God have mercy on me”. Then a person came to the bottom of the open grave. I couldn’t see his features but I knew who it was. It was the Son of God. The Christ who died for me. He bent deep into the grave and looked at me with compassion. He put His hand underneath my neck and blew air into my mouth. As His hand lifted my neck, my sins snapped off my body as if they were nothing more than thin thread. At that moment I awoke as from a dream. I was next to my bed on the ground. I fell on my knees and asked Jesus Christ to come into my life as my personal savior and to forgive my sins. I told Him I believed that He died for me on the cross and that His shed blood covered my sins to give me peace with the Father. At that moment I was saved for eternity and the Holy Spirit came into my life, giving me a new birth, and eternal life.

Since then my life has changed completely. The new purpose in my life just astonishes me. The first persons to acknowledge the change were my Administrative Assistant and my two daughters. They noticed a great change in my life. I became kinder, patient and considerate. The walk continues and over the past four years I have changed more and more. Can I actually love others more than myself? I had to wrestle with my past but God went before me in battle. I am no longer alone. The Victory was won by Jesus on the cross but I have to take possession of God’s promises. It continues to be a daily battle with my old self, the world and Satan, but now I am walking victorious, in Jesus’ victory and depending on Him.